Education is the backbone of the nation, the ladder of progress. The key and prerequisite for building a beautiful civil society, it’s a tool to eliminate all kinds of barbarism. Undoubtedly, it is not a man-made education system, but the only God-given authentic teaching of the Qur’an-Sunnah is the true way of man’s success in this world and the hereafter. The teachings that started from the ‘Hera’ Cave in the holy city of ‘Mecca’ fascinated the entire human race with its soft light radiation.

The world was gifted with the greatest scripture of all time (The holy Quran), which was taught to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) by Allah through Hazrat Jibraeel (A.). Later, the Prophet as a teacher began to teach Muslims the words of the holy Qur’an and he declared, ‘I have been sent as a teacher’.

The Prophet (SAW) in his Makki life, continued the Islamic education system in about 13 centers even in the most unfavorable environment. After migrating to Medina, he accelerated the flow of Islamic teachings from a place called ‘Suffa’ in the Masjid-e-Nababi.

From the beginning of the golden age of Islam in Khulafa-e-Rashedeen to the last period of the Turkish Caliphate, Islamic education was the only system of education in the whole Muslim world and only those educated in Islamic education were universally recognized, virtuous and ideal in the society.

The Qawmi Madrasah education in the Indian subcontinent began during the reign of Sultan Qutbuddin Aibek in the early 1300 AC. Nasiruddin Kubachah, the governor of Multan, established a Qawmi madrasah called ‘Madrasaye- Firoji’ at a place called ‘Uchh’ in Multan. Later, innumerable Qawmi madrasah were established in different parts of India.


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