Jamea Islamia Arabia Shamimabad at a glance

Name  Jamea islamia arabia shamimabad, Sylhet
Address  Jamea islamia arabia shamimabad is located at (bank of Surma river, near Osmani medical college in the beautiful city of ‘Sylhet’ which is called as the city of Islamic heritage and the spiritual capital of Bangladesh) holy view-226, road no. 5, south bagbari, PO: sadar, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Founding date  1432 hijri, 1417 Bangla, 10.10.2010 CE.
Founding director  Hafiz maulana sayed shamim ahmad (D.B.).
Level of education  From ‘Maktab’ to ‘Fadilat’ (Mishkat sharif) including the ‘Department of Arabic language and literature’.
Basic sections of Jamea
  1. Education section.  2. Finance Section.  
The activities of ‘Education section’ are conducted in 2 ways       A) Class-based study   B) Collective training programs
‘Class-based study’ is divided in 4 departments  1. Hifz Division.   2. Nurani Division.   3. General Division (Kitab).   4. Department of Arabic language & literature.
‘Collective training programs’ for students are
  1. Students Union.  2. Library.  3. Training for fluent speech.   4. Annual competition.    5. Releasing wall magazine.
‘Social service projects’ of Jamea are  1. Fatwa-Faraiz division   2. Conventional Da’wah activities.  3. Compositing and publication.  4. Special services for helpless peoples.
Number of teachers  30
Number of students  455
Number of Accountant  1
Number of staffs  6
The ‘Finance section’ is running through 4 funds 1. General fund.   2. Poor & orphan fund.   3. Book fund.  4. Mosque fund.
Ideology  Jamea islamia arabia shamimabad totally follows the doctrine (Aqida) of the ‘Akabir’ and ‘Aslaf’ (Creed) of ‘Ahlus Sunnah wal jamaa’ah’.
Ideology of Jamea  To build a bunch of heirs of prophets, the true followers of prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions, who shall guide the peoples of the whole world to the right path.
Future plans of Jamea
  1. Expanding the education system by starting the class ‘Dawratul hadith’ (Master’s) and ‘Takhassusat’ (Departments of higher Islamic studies).
  2. Building an individual mosque and hostel for Jamea.
  3. Starting ‘Computer training course’ for students to enhance their general knowledge and to make them able to co-operate with modern technologies.
  4. helping poor and homeless peoples through the ‘Social service organization’ of Jamea.
  5. launching free ambulance and corpse washing service for poor peoples.
  6. Starting ‘maktabs’ in various area and arranging Islamic education for elderly.
  7. Building a separate hall for Student’s examinations and weekly ceremony.
  8. building a separate library for students.
  9. forming a ‘scholarship providing trust’ for students.
  10. founding a Women’s madrasah combined with modern education.
  11. Founding an Islamic ideal school.

N.B: Alhamdulillah! By the grace of almighty Allah the ‘Computer training course’ which was under plan projects of jamea is already started including the launch of jamea’s own website: www.jameashamimabad.com. And by all your prayers and helps rest of the under plan projects shall be implemented soon, In shaa Allah. May Allah grant our prayers, ameen.

Hafiz maulana syed shamim ahmad

Founder & director (Muhtamim), Jamea shamimabad.

Phone: 01715-035843. 

Bkash: 01729-518743 (Personal)