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Department of Education

At a glance Jamea Islamia Arabia Shamimabad

To combine education and initiation with the followers of the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sm.) and the Companions of the Jamaat-e Sahaba (R.) to form a group of Naib-e Nabi (Sm.) who call the whole world to the path of truth.

Jamia Islamia Arabia Shamimabad, is a follower of Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jama’at’s creed Akabir and Aslaf.

Jamia Islamia Arabia Shamimabad is not a name of any traditional educational institution. Jamia has arranged his teaching method with far-reaching plans. From the infant class to the highest level of religious education i.e. (Hadith in Daura) and subsequent Takhassusat (Iftah, Uloom-e Hadith, Uloom-e Tafsir and Adab) keeping in view the outline of class-based teaching  (Mishkat Sharif) Jamia has been able to turn on.

As a part of this, it has been decided to introduce ‘Aadab Department’  after Ramadan next year (2020-21  corresponding  to 1442-43 AH). In addition to this, history of Islam, Arabic and Bengali literature, including the time- be fitting  various activities, the reputation of gifting a bunch of God-fearing ‘Talibul Ilim’ to the nation has already spread in the international arena. Also, on the basis of a well-organized syllabus, it is necessary to study the Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafsir, Usul-Aqaid and Arabic literature, Bengali literature-grammar, Nahu-Saraf, Balagat-Mantiq and  necessary  English, Mathematics, History and Geography.   After acquiring Islamic education, ‘Jamia’ from time to time undertakes various programs with the great aim of bringing the benefits of Islamic education to the masses.  All in all, Jamia Islamia Arabia Shamimabad is a multi-departmental project.

  1. Importance is also given to Tarbiyat, besides Ta’lim.
  2. Ustad staff consisting of selected fuzalas of renowned institutions at home and abroad.
  3. 24-hour routine under the supervision of skilled Asatizaye-Keram.
  4. The relentless supervision of skilled and trained Hafez Sahibs.
  5. Full-time C.C. TV controlled.
  6. Hifz Nazera and Takmil departments are under completely separate management.
  7. Complete residential management.
  8. Every Thursday after Salatul Isha Islahi-Tarbiati Bayan is delivered and  Du’a is done  for the well-wishers and helpers of  the country and the nation, especially for the well-wishers of Jamia.
  9. Improved and pleasant environment as well as cleanliness.
  10. Overall Ilmi & Amoli activities of Jamia are conducted on Mashwara basis by monthly Majlis-e Ilmi and by weekly Ustad Coordination Majlis held after Salatul Assr each Monday.
  1. Expansion of education system by opening Daura Hadith (Masters) and subsequent Takhassusat.
  2. Introducing computer courses as part of students’ multifaceted learning.
  3. To come forward in the service of poor and helpless people through Jamia’s  Social Welfare Organization.
  4. Introducing free ambulance service to the needy humanitarian service including dead body bathing system.
  5. Introducing point-based maktabs and arranging religious education for the elderly.
  6. Arranging Jamia Mosque and separate hostel.
  7. Construction of halls and arrangement of separate libraries for examinations and weekly meetings of Jamia students.
  8. Formation of Scholarship Trust for Meritorious Students.
  9. To establish quality women’s madrasas with modern education.
  10. To establish Islamic Ideal School.

Department of Education


Jamia’s latest news

Jamia Shamimabad organizes various programs to develop the talents of the students

Jamia Shamimabad has 530 Students studying under close supervision

You can also enroll your child in Jamia Shamimabad to take the lessons of religious knowledge with proper care

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