Project Description

First Section:
“Arabic language combined with Nahu-Sarf ” for the students who are weak in Nahu-Sarf and unable to read the verses correctly, there will be this section for them.
Second Section:
“Higher study in Arabic Language and Literature” – for the students who are strong in Nahu- Sarf and able to read Arabic verses quickly and accurately will be admitted to this section, In Shaa Allah.

  • Every effort will be made for the benefit of the students in order to produce authentic Naib e Nabi and qualified scholars for the protection of the religion.
  • Special efforts will be made to develop Arabic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • A three semester based syllabus will be prepared according to the merits of the students following the syllabus of the major Arabic language and literature departments of Bangladesh.
  • There will be 24/7 special observation for the students by self dedicated teachers.
  • The combination of the three “Ta’lim, Tazkiyah and Da’wah” combined with the thoughts of Akabir-Aslaf will create a better mood for the students.
  • Healthy meals will be served three times a day.
  • Education and initiation will run in a solitude, beautiful and quality environment, In Shaa Allah.

Teacher of 'Department of Arabic language and literature'

Mufti Jamil Masrur
Mufti Jamil Masrur
Head, Department of Arabic language and literature

Fazil, Jamea Qasimul Ulum Dargahe Hazrat Shahjalal (R.) Sylhet.

Maulana Mansur Ahmad
Maulana Mansur Ahmad
Assistant Teacher, Department of Arabic language and literature

Fazil, Jamia Islamia Bohorgram, Gopalganj, Sylhet

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